Hand Sanitazer Wholesale

Hand Sanitazer Wholesale

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Hand Sanitizer Wholesale

SA-FE Hand Sanitizer is manufactured to meet strict demands recommended by FDA and World Health Organization. The high demand for sanitizer throughout the US, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, had prompted us to manufacture liquid products for the market.

SA-FE Hand Sanitizer adheres to the CDC, FDA, and WHO guidelines for hand sanitizer, utilizing 80% ethanol as the main active ingredient.

SA-FE Hand Sanitizer also uses additional glycerin as a mild moisturizer and is fragrance-free in liquid form (NOT A GEL).

SA-FE Hand Sanitizer contains hydrogen-peroxide, for compliance with CDC, FDA, and WHO guidelines for hand sanitizer

• 6-ounce bottles of Hand Sanitizer

• CDC, FDA, and WHO compliant for hand sanitizer

• Ethanol 80% v/v formula

• Glycerin added as a moisturizer

• Hydrogen-peroxide for enhanced ethanol action

For more info: 786-838-3738 or lolavega1996@yahoo.com