Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN –  is collecting funds for Aleksandra Bojovic

Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN – is collecting funds for Aleksandra Bojovic

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Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN – Aleksandar Sapic is collecting funds for Aleksandra Bojović (1992).

Aleksandra Bojović was born on 28th of April, 1992 in Uzice. She graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade and her biggest passions are volunteer work and traveling.

Unfortunately, in the past two years, Aleksandra has been fighting a malignant tumor which prevents her from leading a normal life and makes each day a struggle.

Namely, after the first diagnosis of myoma in the uterus and two operations on it, the biopsy showed that it is a malignant tumor after all. After a dangerous surgical procedure, there was hope that will be the end of it, but a few months after the surgery, the tumor reappeared in the lungs and blood vessels of a leg. Following another surgery, when all options for treatment of this extremely rare tumor were exhausted in Serbia, hope was again given to Aleksandra by experts from Austria. They tested biological therapy and a new treatment for cancer and three months of this new therapy had a positive effect and the tumor began to shrink.

But this was not the end of problems because the tumor reappeared, this time causing more complications and spreading over her body.

To win her struggle for life, Aleksandra has to endure further surgeries and chemotherapy at a clinic in Innsbruck, Austria. In order to cover the costs of treatment and to allow Aleksandra to continue her youth and make happier memories outside of a hospital, the family needs financial help to support her stay at the clinic.

Let’s all together help Aleksandra win this round and ultimately the war against this difficult illness.

Let’s help Aleksandra! Type 676 and send SMS to 3030. We can also help with payments on dinar or foreign currency account, as well as via the e-donate.

For Aleksandra’s life! Let’s be human!