Koncert – Neda Nikolić TRIO u Majamiju 5. oktobra

Koncert – Neda Nikolić TRIO u Majamiju 5. oktobra

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Trio Neda Nikolic presents different musical styles, presenting arrangements of traditional melodies, ethno-jazz, sevdah, and melodies of other traditions. As a student of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, Neda spreads the sound of Serbian traditional music and combines it with Irish traditional music. The exploration of new opportunities for frula practice continues in this project as well. The combination of frula, piano, and double bass brings a new sound and picture of Balkan tradition, with a touch of other melodic directions. Neda implements the sound of the frula in different genres but keeps her roots and tradition by creating on the basis of Serbian and Balkan traditional music. In this way, she builds her name and creates a new direction in frula practice. Together with her excellent colleagues, Nemanja on the piano and Aleksandar on the double bass, they will present a very unique project.

DATE:   Thursday, October 5, 2023 at 7:30 PM
VENUE: St. Simeon Serbian Orthodox Church,

175 NW 154th St, Miami, FL 33169
PRICE:    $50 (Cash only). TICKETS AT THE DOOR
Children under 18 years 
free entrance